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What is Farcaster?

Farcaster is a protocol for building decentralized social apps.

It is a sufficiently decentralized protocol where users control their data, and developers can build apps permissionlessly on the network.

High Level Overview

To learn more about Farcaster, check out the following resources:

Farcaster is still in beta, and an invitation is required to join. If you don't have an invite, you can join the waitlist.


Who is building Farcaster?

Farcaster is an MIT-licensed protocol created by a community of users and developers. The Farcaster core team maintains the repository with contributions made by over 50 developers.

Does Farcaster use a blockchain?

Farcaster uses Ethereum and Optimism Mainnet, an Ethereum L2, for its contract. Read the architecture section to learn more.

What does it cost to use Farcaster?

A Farcaster account requires a one-time fee for the gas to register the account onchain and an ongoing yearly fee to store messages. The one-time fee is about $0.20 at the time of writing, and the ongoing fee is about $5. Prices will change based on supply and demand.