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Getting Started

Farcaster is a sufficiently decentralized social network built on Ethereum.

It is a public social network similar to Twitter and Reddit. Users can create profiles, post "casts" and follow others. They own their accounts and relationships with other users and are free to move between different apps.

Join Farcaster

If you're not on Farcaster, get started by creating your account with Warpcast.


If you want to learn more, get started by diving into these concepts:

  • Farcaster 101 - a walkthrough of the Farcaster protocol in short, 5 minute videos.
  • Core Concepts - learn about the building blocks of Farcaster, starting with accounts.
  • Architecture - a breakdown of Farcaster's onchain and offchain systems.


Find more how-tos, guide and tutorials like this in the developers section.


  • Farcaster Spec - Specifications for Farcaster, including its contracts and hubs.
  • Frame Spec - Specifications for writing and rendering frames in Farcaster apps.
  • APIs - Docs for API's and ABI's for onchain and offchain systems.


To learn about how to contribute to the protocol, including this documentation site, check out the Contributing section.