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Get account messages ‚Äč


  • Read only access to a hubble instance

See hubble installation for more information on how to set up a local hubble instance.

To query all the casts for a particular FID, you can use the castsByFid HTTP endpoint:

# Default http port is 2281
$ curl http://localhost:2281/v1/castsByFid\?fid\=1 |  jq ".messages[].data.castAddBody.text | select( . != null)"
"another test"
"another testy test"

This returns all the cast related messages for the fid. There are similar endpoints for reactions and follows. See the http api reference for more details.

If you have the hubble installed from source, you can use the built in console. This will use the grpc APIs

# Ensure you are in the hubble sub directory
$ cd apps/hubble
# Remove `--insecure` if the host is using TLS
$ yarn console --insecure -s localhost:2283
> res = await rpcClient.getCastsByFid({fid: 1})
Ok {
  value: {
    messages: [ [Object], [Object], [Object], [Object] ],
    nextPageToken: <Buffer >
> m =>
[ 'testing', 'test', 'another test', 'another testy test' ]

For more details on the GRPC API, see the grpc api reference.