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Find account by username

If you have a user's name and want to find their account, you'll need to use one of these methods depending on what type of username they have.

Offchain ENS Names (Fnames)

If the user has an offchain ens name like @alice, you'll need to call the Fname Registry.

curl | jq
  "transfers": [
      "id": 1,
      "timestamp": 1628882891,
      "username": "farcaster",
      "owner": "0x8773442740c17c9d0f0b87022c722f9a136206ed",
      "from": 0,
      "to": 1,
      "user_signature": "0xa6fdd2a69deab5633636f32a30a54b21b27dff123e6481532746eadca18cd84048488a98ca4aaf90f4d29b7e181c4540b360ba0721b928e50ffcd495734ef8471b",
      "server_signature": "0xb7181760f14eda0028e0b647ff15f45235526ced3b4ae07fcce06141b73d32960d3253776e62f761363fb8137087192047763f4af838950a96f3885f3c2289c41b"

This returns the most recent transfer associated with the name if it is registered. Note that the creation of an fname is a transfer from the zero address to the custody address. The to field indicates the current fid that owns the name.

Onchain ENS Names

If the user has an onchain ens name like @alice.eth, the easiest way to do it is with the Hubble replicator. It indexes onchain and offchain data and lets you easily find what you're looking for.

Once you have it set up, query the fnames table in the replicator database for the account's fid:

SELECT username, fid
FROM fnames
WHERE username = 'farcaster.eth'
order by updated_at desc
limit 1;

See here for more details on the replicator table schema.