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Change farcaster name

A user can change their offchain ENS name or fname without affecting their account's history. This can be done at most once in 28 days.


  • Fnames may be revoked if you violate the usage policy.
  • Apps may lower your reputation if you change fnames often.


  • An ETH wallet that owns the account on OP mainnet. No ETH is required.

Change username

To transfer an fname, e.g. hubble, make a POST request to /transfers with the following body:

  "name": "hubble", // Name to transfer
  "from": 123,  // Fid to transfer from
  "to": 321, // Fid to transfer to
  "fid": 123, // Fid making the request (must match from)
  "owner": "0x...", // Custody address of fid making the request
  "timestamp": 1641234567,  // Current timestamp in seconds
  "signature": "0x..."  // EIP-712 signature signed by the custody address of the fid

To generate the EIP-712 signature, use the following code:

import { makeUserNameProofClaim, EIP712Signer } from '@farcaster/hub-nodejs';

const accountKey: EIP712Signer = undefined; // Account Key for the custody address (use appropriate subclass from hub-nodejs for ethers or viem)

const claim = makeUserNameProofClaim({
  name: 'hubble',
  owner: '0x...',
  timestamp: Math.floor( / 1000),
const signature = (
  await accountKey.signUserNameProofClaim(claim)

Example request via curl:

curl -X POST \
  -H "Content-Type: application/json" \
  -d \
'{"name": "hubble", "owner": "0x...", "signature": "0x...", "from": 123, "to": 321, "timestamp": 1641234567, fid: 123}'

See here for more details on the Fname registry API.