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Frames Introduction

Frames are a way to build interactive apps that run directly in a Farcaster social feed.

They can be used to create rich in-feed experiences for web applications:

  • NFTS shared from Zora and Highlight can be minted in-feed
  • Newsletters shared from Paragraph can read inline and subscribed to in-feed
  • Markets shared from Polymarket let users place bets in-feed

Or standalone experiences like polls and games:

  • spot and mint wild animals on a live-feed of a watering hole in the Namib Desert with Safaricaster
  • make an onchain payment to another user with Paybot
  • RSPV to an Eventcaster event
  • Yoink the flag in this simple yet viral social game
  • generate a Waifu NFT based on your Farcaster profile

Farcaster 101

A 5 minute non-technical primer on Frames:

Next Steps

  1. Build your first frame
  2. Read through the formal Frames Specification.
  3. Join the Farcaster developer community in the /fc-devs channel on Farcaster.