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FIPs ‚Äč

An FIP, or Farcaster Improvement Proposal, is a process for building consensus around protocol changes. FIP's are inspired by Ethereum's EIPs and Python's PEPs. Anyone can write an FIP to propose a change to:

  1. A process, like the protocol's release schedule
  2. A standard, like URIs for onchain assets
  3. An implementation, like adding a new protocol feature

Read more about FIP's in FIP-0: A proposal for making proposals. A list of finalized proposals can be found below. Proposals are made and ratified on the discussions board.

0A proposal for making proposals@v
1Canonical URIs@pfh, @v
2Flexible targets for messages@pfh
3Links@cassie, @v
4ENS Usernames@horsefacts, @sanjay, @sds, @v
5Instant Recovery@v
6Flexible Storage@cassie, @horsefacts, @v
7Onchain Signers@horsefacts, @sanjay, @v
8Verifications for Contract Wallets@horsefacts, @sanjay, @eulerlagrange.eth
9Globally Unique Verifications@sanjay, @v
10Gateways@horsefacts, @sanjay, @v
11Sign in with Farcaster@deodad, @horsefacts, @sanjay, @v
12Pricing schedule for flexible storage@v
13Canonical serialization for hashing messages@sanjay, @adityapk