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Using Farcaster requires an Ethereum wallet to register your account and UI to browse the network. If you are new, we recommend starting with Warpcast on iOS or Android

There are two kinds of apps:

  1. Wallet App - allows signing up, adding connected apps, posting and browsing messages.
  2. Connected App - allows posting and browsing messages only.

Wallet Apps

Users must install a wallet app to get started with Farcaster. They can take onchain and offchain actions like signing up, adding connected apps, posting messages and users.

A wallet app controls the Ethereum address that owns the account. It has control over the account and can take any action on your behalf, so only use a wallet app that you trust.


Warpcast is a wallet app developed by the Farcaster team. It has a web and mobile app, though signing up is only available on mobile.

Connected Apps

Connected apps can only be added once a user signs up with a wallet app. They can take offchain actions on Farcaster like writing casts, following accounts and browsing.

A connected app controls an app key granted by the wallet app. Users can add many connected apps to their account and remove them at any time. A malicious connected app cannot take control of your account and any actions it takes can be reversed by your wallet app.

Some popular connected apps include:

Connected apps are not reviewed by Farcaster, use them at your own risk



  • Hubble - a farcaster hub for reading and writing messages.
  • Replicator - a tool to sync a hub to a postgres database.



  • Neynar - infrastructure and services for building farcaster apps.