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Storage Registry

The Storage Registry allows Farcaster accounts to rent one or more "units" of storage on the network.

If you want to rent storage for a Farcaster account, use the Storage Registry.



Get the price in wei (uint256) to register 1 unit of storage.


Get the price in wei (uint256) to register a specific number of storage units.

Param NametypeDescription
unitsuint256The number of storage units to rent



Rent a specific number of storage units for a given fid. Excess ether will be returned to the caller. Rented units are valid for 1 year from the time of registration.

Param NametypeDescription
msg.valueweiPayment amount
fiduint256The fid to credit the storage units to
unitsuint256The number of units of storage to rent


Rent storage for multiple fids in one transaction. The caller must send enough ether to cover the total cost of all units. Like single-unit rental, extra ether is returned and units are valid for 1 year.

Param NametypeDescription
msg.valueweiTotal payment amount
fidsuint256[]Array of fids
unitsuint256[]Array of unit quantities, corresponding to each fid in the fids array


InvalidPayment3c6b4b28The caller didn't provide enough ether to pay for the number of storage units requested.
InvalidBatchInput0a514b99The caller provided mismatched arrays of fids and units.