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Wrap your application in an AuthKitProvider to use Farcaster Auth. This provider component stores configuration information about your app and makes it available to auth-kit components and hooks.

Note: You must create an AuthKitProvider to use Farcaster Connect. Don't forget to create one at the top level of your application.

const config = {
  domain: '',
  siweUri: '',
  rpcUrl: process.env.OP_MAINNET_RPC_URL,
  relay: '',

const App = () => {
  return (
    <AuthKitProvider config={config}>{/*   Your App   */}</AuthKitProvider>


configAuthKitConfigNoConfiguration object. See the options in the table below.

config object options:

domainstringNoThe domain of your
siweUristringNoThe login URL of your application.window.location.href
relaystringNoFarcaster Auth relay server URL
rpcUrlstringNoOptimism RPC server URL
versionstringNoFarcaster Auth versionv1