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Get the current status of a Farcaster Auth request.

Returns the current state of the request, either 'pending' if the user's Farcaster wallet app has not yet sent back a signature, or 'completed' once the wallet app has returned a response.

In 'completed' state, the response includes the generated Sign in With Farcaster message, a signature from the user's custody address, the user's verified fid, and user profile information.

const status = await appClient.status({
  channelToken: '210f1718-427e-46a4-99e3-2207f21f83ec',


channelTokenstringFarcaster Auth channel token.Yes8d0494d9-e0cf-402b-ab0a-394ac7fe07a0


    response: Response
    data: {
      state: "pending";
      nonce: string;
    } | {
      state: "completed";
      nonce: string;
      url: string;
      message: string;
      signature: `0x${string}`;
      fid: number;
      username?: string;
      bio?: string;
      displayName?: string;
      pfpUrl?: string;
      verifications?: Hex[];
      custody?: Hex;
    isError: boolean
    error: Error
responseHTTP response from the Connect relay server.
data.stateStatus of the sign in request, either "pending" or "complete"
data.nonceRandom nonce used in the SIWE message. If you don't provide a custom nonce as an argument to the hook, you should read this value.
data.messageThe generated SIWE message.
data.signatureHex signature produced by the user's Warpcast wallet.
data.fidUser's Farcaster ID.
data.usernameUser's Farcaster username.
data.bioUser's Farcaster bio.
data.displayNameUser's Farcaster display name.
data.pfpUrlUser's Farcaster profile picture URL.
data.custodyUser's FID custody address.
data.verificationsList of user's verified addresses.
isErrorTrue when an error has occurred.
errorError instance.