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Wallet Client

If you're building a wallet app and receiving signature requests, use a WalletClient.

You can use a WalletClient to parse an incoming Sign In With Farcaster request URL, build a Sign In With Farcaster message to present to the user, and submit the signed message to a Farcaster Auth relay channel.

import { createWalletClient, viemConnecter } from '@farcaster/auth-client';

const walletClient = createWalletClient({
  relay: '',
  ethereum: viemConnecter(),



An Ethereum connector, used to query the Farcaster contracts and verify smart contract wallet signatures. @farcaster/auth-client currently provides only the viem connector type.

To use a custom RPC, pass an RPC URL to the viem connector.

relaystringRelay server URL. Defaults to the public relay at https://relay.farcaster.xyzNo
versionstringFarcaster Auth version. Defaults to "v1"No